Budget-Friendly Move

9 tips to plan a budget friendly move

9 Tips To Plan A Budget-Friendly Move

Moving to a brand new home or relocating your office is always exciting, but it comes with some costs. The costs of moving itself are one of them. If not well planned, it is likely that you get busted both financially and emotionally. The transition from one place to another place is one of the most troublesome and stressful events in human life. A reputable moving company in Brooklyn will partner you in keeping the total expenses down. Here are some helpful measures that can help you in planning a budget-friendly move.

1. Compare Moving Companies

Start with comparing the quotes from different moving companies. All the companies are not the same when it comes to cost. It is also recommended that you hire the local moving company. Research for the customer reviews online and get recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues. Also, make sure you get your quote in writing so that your movers do not charge you more at the time of delivery.

2. Choose Reputable Local Moving Company

Choosing a local moving company allows you to save bucks. This will give you the additional advantage of getting easy claims in case of any damage. When packing on your own, it is likely you may run out by extra supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, etc. Hiring a local professional moving company will get you out of this stress. They also take the responsibility of extra costs. Before moving,  go through our tips to hire local reliable movers in Brooklyn.

3. Choose the Time of Move

Decide which time do you want to move. For working professionals, moving on the weekend makes the most sense. Renters choose to move on the first and the last days of the month so as to avoid doubling up on rent. For this reason, the moving companies are the busiest on these days of the month, tend to charge a premium.

4. Book Early

It is advisable to try and book your movers in advance as people are moving all the time. Giving your movers enough amount of time to plan before a move will help you save bucks. And moreover, you can grab the deals, if available. Also, check with your movers if there are any early bird discount available.

5. Pare Down the Crap

Clear out all the crap that you don’t want to move to your new house or office. Organize your stuff into different sections. Pack those things you want to take with you and leave behind the unwanted stuff. Cutting down the crap will help you in planning a budget-friendly move as less the number of goods to be moved, lesser is the cost. It doesn’t make sense in moving goods you’re not going to use in future.

6. Sell the Unwanted Stuff

The things that aren’t particularly so important or don’t hold any sentimental value, we advise you to sell out that stuff before the move. Check out what needs to be sold or donated. Sell old furniture, old books, magazines, donate old clothes, etc., so that you are left with just the important stuff to be packed.

The cost of your move depends upon the volume of stuff you want to load on trucks. You should look at what you really need and what could be sold, donated or discarded.

7. Look out for Inexpensive Packing Supplies

Search the Internet for the low-budget packing supplies around your area. Instead of buying new boxes and supplies you can ask those people who have recently moved. They might be looking for disposing boxes after unpacking. So, asking for boxes from them will be a favor you do for them.

8. Ask for Help

Ask your friends and family members to help you with cleaning, packing, loading, unloading, driving, and, much more! Apart from these tasks, you can also ask them for free containers like grocery boxes, large bags to pack clothes and other small stuff on your own. This can save your money on boxes and supplies.

9. Decide How Much Work You Can Do Yourself

Plan what you can do yourself. You can save a lot in terms of packing. Pack smaller and lighter goods on your own. Bulky goods like pianos, furniture, couches need special treatment and professional packing services. The more you do it on your own, the more you will save on moving.

Planning a budget-friendly move is quite possible and easy if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Get in touch with ½ Price Movers Brooklyn to make your local moves as affordable as possible.

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