Coping With Moving Stress

cope with moving stress

How To Cope With Moving Stress

Hauling your stuff away is really a weary task. Managing a move from one house to another is surely going to stress you out.

From overloaded attics to go through to unscrupulous movers to climate and traffic-related delays, moving is such a headache and a half. Packing, sorting, cleaning, labeling each good, is too tough to handle alone.

Worry not, ½ Price Movers Brooklyn is here to help you cope with moving stress. Follow the helpful tips as below to make your move a whole lot easier

1. Right mental attitude

Whether it is a planned move or an unwelcomed move all you need to do is to adopt a right mental attitude. Be positive and think about the good things that can happen. Look forward and accept the change, may be it becomes a rewarding experience for you.Think of meeting new people, new places, better career opportunities, creating the whole new life experience better than the previous one.Consider it a chance to start over!

2. Take Your Time

Give yourself enough time to gear up for a move. We recommend you to start planning 8 weeks before the actual move. The less you procrastinate the less you will be stressed.Think of all the important things that needs to be done first. Take plenty of time and plan well.

3. Get Organized And Start A Plan

This tip is for the procrastinators. If you will keep everything for the last minute, it’s surely going to be stressful. Moving an entire house and get your family ready well, needs a lot of planning. We suggest you to start planning as far ahead as you can.Keep a notepad and write the important tasks you be doing before a move. Prepare a step-by-step breakdown of your moving procedure. Divide your tasks into a set of weeks for better management.
If you are feel muddled with prioritizing the tasks, go through our pre-moving checklist.

4. Drive Out The Clutter

This is an important step. Do sorting and get rid of the clutter before you start packing your stuff. Throw out all the old stuff that is of no use anymore. Sell the old newspapers, old furniture, and, other unwanted things that you don’t want to take with you. This will make you feel more organized and light.
Decluttering will leave you with the stuff you need to pack and move to a new place.

5. Get Some Exercise

Expect to be grumpy as making a move isquitet stressful. You’re definitely going to be cranky sometimes. You cannot be in a good mood every time and moving stress will just add to it. Do spare some time daily for exercise.If not exercise, try doing few other self-care activities like yoga, dance, or, painting to keep relocation stress at bay.

6. Hire Professional Movers

The best way to cope with stress is by hiring professional movers. Just call up your local area mover and let them do a complete in-house survey. It is preferable to pack your stuff by yourself but if you find that a difficult task to do you can ask to add this service to your moving quote.<

7. Schedule Time For Goodbyes

Goodbyes are the hardest part. Take some time to visit old friends in the town before your move. Spend quality time with friends by putting the get-togethers before you leave. Schedule the dates for the reunion by marking on the calender so as not to miss making the last fun moments.

8. Treat Yourself Good

Leaving a place where you have invested your emotions is a tough task. But it is quiet normal. If you feel sad about your move, don’t be afraid to face it. Instead, experiencing your true sad feelings will soon make you shift to a happier emotional space.

9. Be Ready to Feel Chaotic

While you’re going through the phase of moving and packing it is obvious that you feel out of control. Just be prepared to feel uprooted. You’re going to be upset over not being able to find your favorite coffee mug, or your cooking pots. Don’t panic and remember to go through your goods list and know where you can find those.

10. Consider it as a new beginning, not an ending

Change is the only constant in life. Nothing lasts! But every ending is the root of a new beginning. Always look forward and embrace your new future. Always remember, the wonderful things yet to happen!

11. Enjoy the moment

Realise this is a hard time. The moments of a move can range from emotions of grief to the emotions of immense joy. This is the transition phase of your life. Imagine the newness in the life and feel that happiness. Enjoy every moment of the move, may be it is the first and the last move!
At Brooklyn NY Movers, we aim to lessen your relocation stress in a way that all you are left with is a big smile.

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