Pre-Moving Checklist

pre-moving checklist

Pre-moving checklist for a Stress-free move

Planning a move is quite a daunting task. But the good news is you need not make it happen at the same moment. Brooklyn NY Movers propose a pre-moving checklist, breaking down your tasks into manageable tasks.

If you can’t manage it yourself, there is always a professional help available to make it easier for you.

Countdown relocation checklist for moving day

Below is the step-by-step procedure to go with your move.

2 Months to Moving Day

  • Get quotes for your move: Choose the best moving quote after comparing the quotes from different moving companies around your area. Our experts advise you to get at least three estimates from different moving companies. Ensure your quotes to be written and binding.
  • Set aside some money for the move: Avoid spending all your money into buying new furniture or new stuff for the new home. Save some money for the move itself. Brooklyn NY Movers is always at your help to plan affordable move in Brooklyn.
  • Set a move file/folder: Before you plan a move set a file to keep a record of information including moving quotes, purchase papers, receipts, leases and other legal and financial documents, contracts, etc.
  • Get information about your community: Start learning about your new neighborhood and gather the details about schools, housing, services, shopping, entertainment, transportation, and childcare in the area.
  • Talk to an insurance agent: It is advisable to talk to your insurance agent in advance. As there is a great possibility that both auto and home insurance premiums could change.

 Six Weeks To Moving Day

  • Declutter your house:Don’t move anything you don’t use. Get rid of unneeded items through yard sales or consign them. You should also consider donating items to charity – you likely can receive a tax deduction.
  • School records of Children: Secure and keep the copies of your children’s school records.
  • Schedule your move: You got your moving quotes earlier. Now measure which quote is right for you. Talk to your relocation company about the packing, loading, liability coverage, delivery, and claims procedures.
  • Start looking for boxes and supplies: Now is the time when you should think about buying boxes either from movers or container stores. You can also save free boxes from your local grocery store or other retailers.

Four Weeks To Moving Day

  • Start Packing your stuff: Start to pack up stuff you don’t regularly use. If it’s winter, start packing the summer stuff first. Don’t forget to check in with your mover about items that are not allowed to be moved.
  • Contact Utilities and services: It’s time to contact the utilities including gas, electricity, sewer, water, and trash pick-up services. Consider transferring for new television and broadband internet service.
  • Mail delivery: Visit the post office and file a change of address. If you are short on time, you can do it online. Once done, mail out “change of address” cards to your friends, relatives, and companies that send you mail.
  • Plan to move plants and pets: Decide how you’ll move your pets and plants from the old to the new location.

Two Weeks To Moving Day

  • Automobile Service: Get your car serviced so you can keep off from the need to find a new mechanic immediately after moving.
  • Other address changes: Tell your bank, IRS, insurance companies and others about your new address.

One Week To moving day

  • Start Labeling the boxes: If you chose DIY packing, it’s the time to label all the boxes. Mention the destination on top and sides of each box.
  • Disconnect Services: Except for your telephone services, disconnect your gas, electric and water services. Also, cancel cable TV, newspapers, security, lawn maintenance, and other services.
  • Be prepared: Pack a box of stuff you’ll need during the move. Pack first-aid supplies, snacks, etc. Get the cash and traveler’s checks for expenses during your actual move.
  • Final Packing: Pack your stuff by room and also label boxes carefully. Pack, label, and keep your kitchen and bedrooms boxes separate so that you can find them easy on arrival.
  • Time to un-freeze: Defrost your freezer and refrigerator at least one day before the move. You require some meal planning for the last days in the old house. Throw away all the perishable food items from refrigerator and pantry.
  • The Kitchen: Clean the stove.

Moving Day

  • Get your cash handy: Get sufficient cash to make your move.
  • Keep your personal stuff aside: Keep the stuff like paperwork, clothing, and prescriptions aside.
  • Keep the old place intact: Though you’re moving out yet you don’t want it to be damaged. Don’t pull over the carpet, door frame, and floor protectors before you move.
  • Let your movers work: If you have hired local packers and movers, let them work in their own way. Don’t intervene in their expertise.
  • Re-examine: To make sure you didn’t forget anything, recheck the rooms and the entire house.
  • Keep your receipts saved: You will need your receipts later since your moving expenses could be tax-deductible.
  • Time to bid Goodbye: Say goodbye to your neighbors!

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